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Why is a small preschool better for my child?


Preschool is often a child’s first real experience with peer socialization, a fun, yet possibly overwhelming time. Research shows that smaller class sizes with a lower student/teacher ratio are better for young children because each student gets more individual attention. It is widely known that a smaller class size is a more comfortable transition from home to the elementary school years for most children, yet opportunities for such are limited in our community and others across our country.


 What are some of the benefits of a small preschool class size, and why is individual attention so important during the preschool years?


The National Institute for Early Education Research states that:

When groups are smaller and staff-child ratios are higher, teachers provide more stimulating, responsive, warm, and supportive interactions. They also provide more individualized attention, engage in more dialogues with children, and spend less time managing children and more time in educational activities. Studies also provide evidence of a link between class size and overall quality of the classroom.

At Lil Clubhouse Pre-K there is never more than seven students in a class, well below the minimum staff child ratio of 1:9 for three-year-olds and 1:13 for four-year-olds. Small class sizes not only offer educational benefits, but also a family-like, close-knit environment for students.

My goal is to help children develop a broad foundation in the learning experience. I help them build self-confidence and develop a love and excitement for learning. I do this by using positive reinforcement, motivation, and individualized teaching. My program is designed to help children grow academically and socially.


Preschool children need to develop a balance of academic and social skills to prepare them for life’s experiences. They are eager to learn new ideas, but they also need time for play. At Lil Clubhouse, they do both. The daily program is full of fun, learning, laughter, discovery, nurturing, and progress. The program includes reading readiness, writing, math, art, music, S.T.E.M., nature based play, and daily lessons about the world around us.

I teach using positive reinforcement because how children learn is as important as what they learn. Positive reinforcement develops a child’s love of learning and builds self-esteem. Children at Lil Clubhouse are noticed and praised for all their efforts and accomplishments.

Happy Children= Happy Parents= Happy Teacher.